Airplane travel is a convenient and affordable way to get from destination to destination, whether for business or pleasure. We asked our TSC well-traveled team members who are well-versed in travel to give their best advice for an efficient travel experience. Whether you fly once a year, or multiple times a week, these travel tips can turn even the most inexperienced flyer into a traveling connoisseur.

Move Away from Checking a Bag

“It not only saves you time on departure, but you have everything you need if your flight gets canceled. This allows you to get on a different flight without worrying about your possessions.”

Sign Up for TSA Pre ✓

“It is worth every penny of the cost, even if you don’t fly often. Knowing you will rarely have a long wait for security is reassuring.”

Pack Smart and Be Prepared

“If you are traveling for business, pack your dress shirts and suits in plastic bags from the dry cleaners. It keeps them fresh and less wrinkled. If you can, always have a bag packed with your regular travel items; this saves time and stress when a trip comes up last minute.”

Pack Healthy Snacks

“Always keep healthy snacks in your carry-on bag. Though most airports sell healthy options, you can bring your own for a fraction of the cost”.

Charge Electronics

“Make sure to charge all electronics the night before your flight. Some airports are loaded with outlets, while others keep you searching.”

Stick with One Hotel Company & Airline

“Try to stick to one airline and hotel company. With so many travel options available, including Airbnb, it may seem silly, but the perks available (even at the lowest levels of some programs) are worth it.”

Become Frequent Flyer

“Sign up for different airline’s frequent flyer programs. Being a member and downloading their respective apps are helpful when your airline of choice isn’t available or if there is a problem with your flight. You can often find new flights on the app much faster than trying to call the airline and it is faster than going to the customer service counter.”

Sign Up for In-flight Wifi 

Most airlines offer in-flight Wifi for free or at a minimal cost. This will allow you to keep working or watch your favorite movie or show from the convenience of your phone or tablet. 

Book Non-stop Flights

“If possible, make sure to book non-stop flights. Many times, the stress and potential problems that can occur with connection flights, especially those with a tight timeline, are not worth it.”

Take the Early Flight Out

“It is never fun to wake up at 4 am for the first flight out, but statistics don’t lie; the first flight of the day rarely gets cancelled or delayed. The first flight sets the tone, so the airline will do whatever it takes to get the plane out on time.”

Smile and Be Kind

“Travel can be stressful for the traveler and the airline/hotel associates. Make sure to smile and be kind; it is always better than the alternative.”

Essential Tips for Travel was last modified: May 21st, 2024 by The Service Companies