Quality Chandelier Cleaning

TSC understands that chandelier cleaning requires meticulous care and specialized techniques to properly clean each delicate crystal from Chihuly and Murano sculptures to Baccarat prisms. When you partner with TSC, we provide the quality and expertise needed to properly maintain these beautiful fixtures while preserving their brilliance and value.

Our Service Offerings for Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning

Our Value As A Trusted Partner

Our Process for Chandelier Cleaning

TSC Process for Chandelier Cleaning

A detailed inspection of each chandelier assesses value, original materials, current condition, and positioning to determine the ideal customized cleaning method.

We mindfully schedule the cleaning to minimize disruption to property operations and guests.

Using the highest levels of care, we delicately remove all dirt, grime and tarnish without causing damage and restoring these fixtures to their full brilliance.