Why The Service Companies

The Service Companies helps its clients look their best, maximize efficiencies, streamline processes, improve health and cleanliness, and better manage their most challenging departments. Our broad offering of staffing and facility solutions and expertise enable us to customize our services to the diverse needs of our clients while ensuring cleanliness, safety, a fully staffed team, and a superior customer experience.

Why Work For The Service Companies?

Our Value As A Premier Service Provider

Unique Tailored

Uniquely Tailored: TSC is an extension of a brand. We do the work of learning cultures, service standards, quality specifications, and internal processes to tailor to the client’s needs.

Globally Trusted

Globally-Trusted: TSC operates throughout the US and Bahamas by partnering with globally recognized brands.

Experience Centric

Experience Centric: The experiences of our employees, clients, and customers are of the utmost importance to us. It’s the approach TSC takes in everything we do.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence: TSC is committed to training, clear communication, and safety by using the latest in technology and processes to continue to be a leader in the industry.

TSC Guarantee

TSC Guarantee: TSC invests in the success of our clients and employees with transparency, trust, and collaboration by relentlessly focused on making the experience exceptional.

Loyalty Program

TSC rewards our loyal partners by developing a program that will provide additional benefits and incentives.

Client Incentives

we offer various incentives designed to become more lucrative as engagements grow.

Referral Program

0.5% of first-year revenues will be awarded for any non-client business won as a result of a referral made by the client. This includes third-party client partners.

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