Our Commitment to Accessibility


The Service Companies is committed to making theservicecompanies.com accessible to all its visitors, including those with visual and related disabilities. We have taken a number of steps to ensure that those who use a keyboard solely for navigation, require accommodations for certain vision needs or are using assistive technologies such as screen readers can more easily interact with the content and applications on theservicecompanies.com. 

Key accessibility features on theservicecompanies.com include:

  • Alternative text for appropriate images and non-text visual elements
  • Heading structures for page elements
  • Skip navigation links within the header
  • Labels for forms and appropriate input fields
  • High contrast and font size controls: these controls are to the left side of every page.
    • High Contrast Toggle – Clicking the icon will provide a high contrast version of the website which assists visually impaired users.
    • Font Size Toggle – Clicking the icon will increase the font size on the website which assists visually impaired users. 

Click here to submit any feedback related to this website’s accessibility.