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How to Make Your Marble Floors Shine: Expert Tips from The Service Companies

As the industry leader in marble restoration, The Service Companies (TSC) is dedicated to helping our clients maintain the beauty of their stone, tile, and grout surfaces. We ensure that stone surfaces stay clean and stunning year-round with our extensive expertise in marble, granite, tile, and grout care. The Importance of Shining Marble Floors The…

How to Choose the Right Hospitality Staffing Vendor: Top Questions to Ask

As the summer season kicks into high gear, hotels, resorts, and casinos brace themselves for many events, from corporate retreats to festive celebrations. To ensure these occasions are executed flawlessly and leave a lasting impression on guests, it’s crucial to have a skilled and dedicated hospitality staff on hand. When contacting staffing vendors for proposals,…

Insights from a 26-Year HR Journey: Lessons in People, Culture and Adaptability

For nearly three decades, Nikki has helped shape the human resources strategy and culture at The Service Companies. From handling core HR functions to driving engagement, training, and inclusion initiatives, she has witnessed the field’s remarkable evolution. In this interview, Nikki shares her proudest accomplishments, the biggest lessons learned, and insights for aspiring HR professionals….

Essential Tips for Travel

Airplane travel is a convenient and affordable way to get from destination to destination, whether for business or pleasure. We asked our TSC well-traveled team members who are well-versed in travel to give their best advice for an efficient travel experience. Whether you fly once a year, or multiple times a week, these travel tips…

How to Create a Successful Inspection Program

You may have heard the adage “Expect What You Inspect” at some point during your hospitality career. An inspection program will provide more detailed feedback to all parties involved with a common goal to continuously improve the service provided to the customer. Whether it is inspecting a casino floor, guest rooms, hotel public areas or…

How to Wow Your Guests: Housekeeping Service Tips

At The Service Companies, we partner with many brands to elevate hotel housekeeping management at our client’s properties. While service cultures and standards differ across them, all of our clients share a similar desire to wow, delight, and add value through personalized touches that create unforgettable guest experiences. Our housekeeping leaders prioritize customer service training…