In preparation for the 2021 school year and with a focus on maintaining a clean and safe environment during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, a school district in Glendale, California faced the challenge of finding an adequate number of janitors.

One of the primary obstacles they encountered was the limited availability of recruiters, with only one recruiter per school responsible for filling these crucial janitorial roles. The district found it challenging to attract suitable candidates for the positions, as the janitors were required to work across multiple locations within the district. Additionally, the daily assignment system, where janitors would be informed of their work location on the day itself, led to confusion and a lack of organization.

To overcome these challenges, the school district made the decision to collaborate with an external organization to streamline the employee hiring process. The chosen partner, The Service Companies, was selected for its expertise in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a significant number of qualified employees in compliance with regulations. By leveraging the capabilities of this partner, the school district aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their janitorial staff recruitment and management.


  • Source, hire, and onboard janitors who would work across multiple locations throughout the district
  • All employees had to be live scanned through the DOJ and would only be approved to work at the school district if they passed this test
  • All employees had to be vaccinated against COVID
  • Improve efficiency and management of each employee’s schedule


  • Implemented a strategy utilizing a top-notch recruiting team and a database of 64,000+ pre-screened employees
  • Utilized online job sites, hiring events, employee referrals, and networking to source new employees
  • Conducted interviews, background checks, and E-Verify to ensure full compliance with labor regulations
  • Provided comprehensive training, onboarding, and orientation for new hires
  • Appointed an Operations Manager solely dedicated to managing employee schedules and acting as the main point of contact for the school district


  • Placed 20 qualified, vetted, and trained janitors in the school district by leveraging the existing employee database and making new hires
  • Effectively managed the schedules of these employees to ensure a daily staff at each school property

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