A 500-room luxury hotel in Cleveland was using multiple third-party vendors to staff the property’s housekeeping department, which resulted in poor guest service scores and unsatisfactory brand standard compliance for cleanliness. The property leadership sought a true partner with experience in improving and managing the recruitment, training, and operations of the housekeeping department. Having this expertise in delivering exceptional service through quality management and quality assurance programs, The Service Companies was selected as the exclusive partner.

The Service Companies developed a strategy to recruit, onboard, and train 50 compliant housekeeping associates within 30 days and created a custom quality assurance program. The company’s primary objectives included:

  • Interviewing existing housekeeping associates to determine who would transition to the team.
  • Recruiting and onboarding open housekeeping positions.
  • Developing quality management and quality assurance programs to increase guest service scores.
  • Successfully transitioning the housekeeping department from multiple third-party staffing companies under The Service Companies.

During the transition phase, The Service Companies had two primary focuses: people and training. The company approached this as follows:

  • Fully transitioned all 16 of the client’s housekeeping associates.
  • Sourced and onboarded housekeeping associates to fill the remaining 34 positions.
  • Identified 3 trainers, who spent 10 days training 2 associates each.
  • Supervisors were re-trained and self-inspections were eliminated.
  • Developed training guidelines and checklists that met The Service Companies and the client’s brand standards.
  • Implemented a 100-point inspection program, set up correct housekeeping equipment, and initiated daily projects.
  • Analyzed guest feedback and developed special project lists to resolve issues.

Within 30 days, the recruiting team screened over 300 candidates and fully staffed the housekeeping department. Within 3 months, the property was deep cleaned, which resulted in a significant increase in guest satisfaction. Within 6 months, the property had improved from red to green for brand standard compliance for cleanliness.

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