Happy African American student using a laptop and dining with friends at a university cafeteria.

A university in Sacramento required 85 food & beverage employees (cooks, dishwashers, and servers) for its four dining halls during the upcoming school year. To address the university’s ongoing challenge of retaining employees during school breaks, the dining services leadership team decided to partner with an external organization to handle the entire food & beverage staffing process. The chosen partner, The Service Companies, was selected for its expertise in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a significant number of qualified employees in compliance with regulations. Additionally, they would ensure a consistently staffed team by placing employees at nearby client locations during extended breaks.


  • Source, hire, and onboard cooks, dishwashers, and servers to fill 85 daily positions during the school year.
  • Conduct background checks and E-Verify, even when not legally mandated.
  • Manage employee schedules to maintain a fully staffed team every day.


  • Implemented a strategy utilizing a top-notch recruiting team and a database of 64,000+ pre-screened employees.
  • Utilized online job sites, hiring events, employee referrals, and networking to source new employees.
  • Conducted interviews, background checks, and E-Verify to ensure full compliance with labor regulations.
  • Provided comprehensive training, onboarding, and orientation for new hires.
  • Appointed an Operations Manager solely dedicated to managing employee schedules and acting as the main point of contact for the university.
  • Offered temporary opportunities to employees at other nearby locations within The Service Companies during school breaks.


  • Placed over 85 qualified, vetted, and trained cooks, dishwashers, and servers at the university by leveraging the existing employee database and making offers to new hires.
  • Effectively managed the schedules of these employees to ensure a daily staff of 85 at the university.
  • Reduced attrition rates by providing temporary employment opportunities to the employees locally during school breaks.

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