Driving The Check-In Metric


When you think of an efficient casino or hotel check-in process, does the Front Desk operation come to mind? As hospitality experts, we all understand that the efficiency of the Front Desk and check-in relies tremendously on what happens behind the scenes within the Housekeeping operation. Without having sufficient inventory of clean rooms, they cannot satisfy early check-ins or unpredictable guest demands.

From my experience as a Front Office Manager and Director of Housekeeping, I developed processes and a guideĀ that would ensure guestroom check-in efficiency. At The Service Companies, we employ these in all our of our Housekeeping departments across the country.

To download a copy of the casino and hotel check-in guide, filled with best practices, fill in your information below.

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  1. Caroline

    When I arrive at a destination there is nothing that puts me in a bad mood more quickly than an inefficient check-in system!

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