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Our associates are integral to our success and we understand that making an upfront investment in our associates is crucial to our ability to provide our clients the highest quality service. We developed TSC University, our training and certification platform, to provide each associate – when they are hired as well as throughout their time at TSC – with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. In addition to training and education, we make an effort to provide our associates with a career path on which he or she can advance and a full benefits package. These reasons and more have earned us recognition as one of San Francisco’s and Miami’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®

Associate Training Program

Each of The Service Companies’ training programs ensures that our associates are fully trained for the position he or she is hired. Our training programs serve to foster growth and new opportunities for our associates, regardless of experience level. 

Managed Services

Our managed services segment recognizes the importance of making our associates feel prepared for their new roles, so we invest in proper training and development at all levels to improve skills and provide opportunities for advancement.

New Associate Training

As a new member of our team, you will complete a comprehensive training program, created by nationally renowned operations professionals. A training portal, complete with access to an array of resources, position checklists, procedures and step-by-step training guides, to bridge learning gaps and ensure you are prepared for and understand the responsibilities and best practices of your new role.

SHINE Training Program

We know that our associates are an essential part of each guest’s overall experience. That is why we developed our SHINE training program. The Acronym, SHINE, is based on the following principles: Smile, Humility, Integrity, Navigate, and Excellence. Each SHINE principal serves to enhance associate performance and promote positive interactions between associates and our internal and external guests.

Emerging Leaders Program

Our Emerging Leaders Program was developed to give individuals within our team the opportunity for growth. The six-month program allows associates to learn the technical and management skills necessary to excel in their future leadership roles. Upon completion of the program, the participant will be placed in a permanent Supervisor position within the property.

Management Training Program

When it comes to our Management Team, we’ve pulled out all of the stops. Each leader graduates from our rigorous 30-day “Boot Camp,” an intensive training program that covers all of our main service offerings, as well as the latest in management theory, planning and process flow.

Staffing Services

Our staffing services division believes that the best-trained staff is the most prepared to serve your restaurant, business, or facility. That is why we ensure that our staff is given a variety of opportunities to enhance their level of service through training programs offered in-house and through our partners. Each training program has the ability to travel with associates, no matter where they decide to take their career in the hospitality industry.

Acrobat Academy

Acrobat Academy is the in-house program designed to equip current servers with new skills and train those who are not as familiar with front-of-house processes. During the three-hour course, students will learn about server-specific language, tray passing and heavy tray carry, wine knowledge and full wine service training, table service / serving etiquette, and a variety of serving styles. Acrobat Academy is free of charge for all staffing associates and is held on an as-needed basis.


Through our partner, TiPs, we are able to offer associates the opportunity to become a certified bartender or server in the field of serving alcohol. A TiPs certification helps workers avoid serving alcohol to minors, gives customers improved service, serves as a resume builder for associates, and reduces the risk of alcohol-induced human tragedy. Classes are announced when trainers are in the area or can be scheduled upon request.

Food Handler’s Card

Through our partnership with eFoodHandlers, Staffing Services is able to offer Food Handeler’s Cards to our associates at a discounted rate. After signing up with a staffing manager, associates are able to take the class online and learn about basic food safety. Once the course is complete, associates receive a certification card. A Food Handler’s Card ensures that our associates understand how to prevent foodborne illness.

Specialty & Engineering Services

Our in-depth training programs have led The Service Companies’ Specialty Services and Engineering Services teams to become the industry leaders in safety and cleanliness. Through the use of the latest technology and industry expertise, your property is guaranteed to receive quality service, without risking the safety of your guests.

TSC's Certified Supervisor Training Program

TSC’s Certified Supervisor Training (CST) program is a three-part program designed to give our front-line supervisors, and those aspiring to be in supervisory roles, both the skills and job knowledge necessary to successfully lead our front-line employees, hold them to TSC’s high standards, and drive consistency across the organization.

TSC’s Certified Supervisor Training (CST) program is a three-part program designed to give our front-line supervisors, and those aspiring to be in supervisory roles, both the skills and job knowledge necessary to successfully lead our front-line employees, hold them to TSC’s high standards, and drive consistency across the organization.

Associate Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on being the employer of choice for hourly associates.

With that comes our dedication to solving Human Resources-related challenges to engage and retain our associates. We have developed best-in-class associate engagement processes and offer each associate benefits and opportunities for advancement. We’ve also created structured career growth paths for each role.

We are continuously analyzing associate satisfaction, retention trends and engagement with the goal to be the employer of choice for hourly associates. We are committed to providing a culture that fosters community, growth and excellence, as well as one that puts our associates first.

Dayforce Wallet: Same Day Pay

With Dayforce Wallet, employees can make everyday payday by using the pay they’ve already earned to cover expenses before their next paycheck. A payout of an employee’s earnings can be requested before payday at no cost.

  • Request a payout of your earnings before payday at no cost. You’ll be able to request access to your earned pay in real-time—as you earn it and as you need it.

  • Funds can be requested on-demand through the Dayforce Wallet app and deposited directly to the Dayforce Card so it’s easy to make purchases in-store, online or pay expenses
  • Take control of your finances by viewing recent requests and spending transactions

  • Count on the reliable and secure protection of Mastercard

  • Get all the benefits of the payroll cards or direct deposit

  • Access to the customer service support line at 1 877-723-7434​

  • The Dayforce Card can be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay


Our culture is unique: one that is based on employee recognition, integrity, making an impact on our clients and community, and fostering a sense of family. Celebrations, week-long events, contests and friendly competitions occur multiple times a year at each property and account. The Service Companies is a family and we want our team to have fun, support and recognize each other, and advance through our company.

Every day, our associates make an impact on our clients’ guests, whether it be a Guest Room Attendant leaving a guest extra tissues if they’re sick or a concessionaire serving food to spectators at a championship sporting event. Associates who go above and beyond are recognized. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations like Clean The World, our associates are able to make an impact on the environment and in the community.


Every day our employees provide our clients and their guests a high level of service. To show our appreciation for their dedication and hard work, we offer benefits to each employee. Our Employee Benefits program includes an array of benefits including:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • 401K Plan
  • Dayforce Wallet
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Discount Program
  • Legal Shield
  • Vacation and Paid Holidays (Based on Service Segment)

All benefits are based on eligibility rules for each benefit and the rules of each benefit program.

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