Hotel Public Area Cleaning

One of the keys to a successful hotel operation is ensuring that guests can enjoy their hotel experience without interruption. Our hotel cleaning team understands this process perfectly, having decades of experience and cleaning over 1.4M square feet of public area space daily.

Our systematic approach to your hotel’s public area cleaning ensures consistent and timely cleaning for both the interior and exterior of your property, making sure to allow an uninterrupted guest experience.

How TSC Approaches Your Hotel Public Area Cleaning

At TSC, we provide consistent leadership and oversight to the public area department for your hotel. Our leadership includes management, highly skilled supervisors, quality assurance inspectors, experts, and leads with decades of experience managing luxury hotel operations across the United States.

Our planned operating model results in TSC having complete accountability for the public area cleaning operations of your hotel. This includes daily cleaning and inspection of the public areas, designated back-of-house and front-of-house space, lobby, and food and beverage areas. 

Hotel team member areas are serviced according to the same standards as we set for the front-of-house. Your entire public area operations are led and managed according to best-in-class luxury hotel resort standards.

Service Standards for Hotel Public Area Cleaning

The Service Companies know that to achieve excellence in service delivery, it’s essential to create an environment that is welcoming, comfortable, memorable, and, above all, in pristine condition for every guest. As your partner, we accomplish this through a robust quality assurance program and service standards training program for each of our employees.

As a seamless partner, we implement a quality assurance program that ensures our services exceed your brand standards. Our quality assurance program for hotel public area cleaning includes:

  • Public area inspections: Lobby space, outlets and restroom inspections are completed daily, and restrooms hourly.
  • Kitchen and Restaurant Inspections: Hotel kitchen and restaurant inspections are completed daily. 
  • Back of House Inspections: Service landings are inspected daily. Back of house areas are inspected based on a pre-defined schedule. Other employee work areas are inspected on a regular interval. 
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