Casino Pressure Cleaning

The visual appearance and cleanliness outside your casino is just as important as the inside. In addition to our indoor casino cleaning services, we put emphasis on the exterior cleaning of your casino property, including pressure cleaning.

How TSC plans your Pressure cleaning

For pressure cleaning, we approach new clients with the following considerations:

  • What time of day is the least distracting to your guests’ experience
  • Maintaining adjacent surface quality and care
  • Type of surface and size of area
  • Climate conditions

We do everything to maintain guest experience and satisfaction, so in addition to tailoring our services to your property’s unique needs, we also take note of the special equipment needed and our safety procedures.

Service Standards for Casino Pressure Cleaning

The Service Companies has a robust safety training program for each of our employees and supervisors. Employees who perform high-risk jobs receive specific training in high-cleaning safety standards.

Safety is our number one priority.  Safety protocols are determined based on building and service needs as well as state and local protocols.

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