Casino Guest Room Preventive Maintenance

At The Service Companies, we know that having a guest room preventive maintenance program in place is crucial to maximizing your engineering team’s time, your casino hotels’ guest service scores and ADR. We have developed a fully outsourced preventive maintenance program for guest rooms that enables casinos to:

Preventive maintenance is key to the custom service delivery models we develop for each of our customers. We focus on leveraging technology to deliver innovative solutions that improve building efficiencies. Ultimately, when you partner with TSC, you are committed to quality and creating a truly exceptional guest experience.

How TSC Approaches Casino Guest Room Preventive Maintenance

We partner with ANGUS ANYWHERE to track the lifecycle of all service work orders. Both your casino leadership and our team have full visibility into the dispatch of work orders, productivity, breakdown trends, routing and escalation.

Service Standards for Casino Guest Room Preventive Maintenance

Implementation of a preventive maintenance strategy is crucial for any organization to ensure that its equipment and machinery perform efficiently and effectively. By leveraging technology to streamline maintenance operations and generate regular reports, we’re able to schedule regular inspections and repairs, which can reduce the likelihood of unexpected equipment failures. With the ability to monitor and track maintenance activities in real time, we can ensure that no project is missed and avoid unplanned downtime.

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