Casino Chandelier Cleaning

At The Service Companies, chandelier cleaning is truly one of our specialties. We will clean any size chandelier or decorative glass piece with delicacy and precision.

Our chandelier cleaning team cleans more exquisite chandeliers than any other company in the hospitality industry and is trained to clean even the most unique glass art.

We carefully and methodically clean each piece of the chandelier by hand, forsaking the use of “spray-on / wipe-off” chemicals.

How TSC plans your chandelier cleaning

We begin by surveying the surrounding chandelier area, noting what equipment and materials we will need.  Next, we carefully inspect your chandeliers to assess the appropriate method of cleaning.  Keeping each glass piece attached is the most common method, however, there are rare cases when we will take the chandelier apart, hand clean each piece and put the chandelier back together.

Once we’ve determined the best cleaning method, we move on to assessing the safety and supervision requirements for your property.

Chandelier Cleaning Safety Protocols

The Service Companies has a robust safety training program for each of our employees and supervisors. Employees who perform high-risk jobs receive specific training in high-cleaning safety standards.

Safety is our number one priority.  Safety protocols are determined based on building and service needs as well as state and local protocols.

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