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Our Managed Services team offers professional managed janitorial services – tailored to each client’s specific needs – to a range of commercial facilities, including office buildings, airports, convention centers, malls and retail districts, stadiums, museums and mixed-use facilities throughout the country.

As a quality leader, we offer consistent leadership and oversight of the janitorial services of these facilities, taking complete accountability of operations and the recruiting and training of our teams. We complement this with our proven Quality Management Program and Quality Assurance Program, where we inspect our work each day and track results on a weekly basis, and deploy advanced technologies.

As a result, we provide our clients streamlined processes, increased efficiencies, a safe and healthy environment, and a superior tenant and customer experience.


Keeping public areas clean and inviting is integral to your success. We discreetly maintain the high level of cleanliness you demand and your clients and guests expect. By leveraging proprietary technology, set operating procedures, and innovative field technologies, we provide levels of service and attention to detail that achieve the best results. Our public area cleaning services include cleaning of lobbies, airports, convention areas, restrooms, public spaces, office parks, retail spaces, restaurants and fitness centers.


Our High-Touch Cleaning Service is a supplemental cleaning service targeting high-touch points on a schedule that is customized to your building, school, campus, or facility. Our cleaning service includes frequent cleaning of the lobby, public areas, food service dining rooms, kitchens, back of house, public restrooms, classrooms, and offices.


With our operating standards and innovative technology deployment, we ensure that your facilities are gleaming each day. Our daily overnight cleaning services include cleaning of lobbies, airport, convention areas, restrooms, public spaces, offices, retail spaces, restaurants and fitness centers.


We are the leader in floor care, having spent years honing our technique and training our staff in the best ways to care for any type of flooring. We clean and care for concrete, tile, vinyl, carpet, wood, specialty flooring and more.


Our team of experts will repair any damaged marble via our three-step restoration process: diamond grinding, sealant application and buffing — guaranteeing a shine that mirrors the marble’s original luster. For each client, we start off with a full assessment of the floor types to determine a floor schedule and equipment needs, while working with Ecolab to spec out the right chemicals and cleaning processes for all surfaces. To maintain the sheen, we polish the marble every day using either natural polish, crystallization or vitrification materials according to your preference and exacting standards.


We are experienced in keeping kitchens, equipment, tile and grout pristine for the health and safety of your guests and employees.

Our team is adept at executing proper cleaning procedures on kitchen equipment and floors to meet and exceed Health Department codes consistently. We are at the forefront of cleaning techniques and procedures, while using the most effective and safest products.


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