Resort Housekeeping & Laundry

Imagine a situation where your resort housekeeping and laundry departments are fully staffed, all units are cleaned at the right time and on time, and guest and owner satisfaction scores are consistently strong.


For many resorts, this is often out of reach without a strategic partner. At TSC, our services teams are experts with decades of experience managing resort cleaning operations, and we clean over 7,950 guest rooms at resorts and hotels across the country daily (2.9 million annually).


In our turn-key housekeeping operation, we are responsible for every aspect of managing and running a resort’s largest and most complex department: cleaning guest rooms, units, and hallways, providing mid-week cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning, and deep cleaning services, managing equipment, and completing scheduled room maintenance. Each housekeeping department our company manages is an extension of your team which are able to run the operations for one-room and/or multi-room units. The department is led by a seasoned Housekeeping Executive and backed by a team of highly skilled attendants and quality assurance inspectors.

How TSC Approaches Your Resort Housekeeping & Laundry Operations

We understand that your resort brand is unique; your properties are as well. When performing a property walkthrough, we are careful to note specific needs and brand standards that require special attention.


For resort housekeeping, we approach new clients with the following considerations: 


  • Which procedures, chemicals, equipment, and processes will help our clients achieve their goals, complete mid-week and checkout cleaning by a designated time, and provide a superior guest and owner experience
  • Any and all collateral, amenities, furniture, and fixtures
  • Maintaining adjacent surface quality and care
  • Unit and room types, bathroom features, credit assignment, average length of stay, previous year and forecast occupancy, and other property-specific information


For laundry, we manage a resort’s laundry and linen contracting service or on-site facility, making sure to maintain the appropriate par levels from day-to-day, week-to-week.


For us, being partners in excellence means that both parties, the client and TSC, are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and delivering exceptional experiences for their guests and owners. This allows your l resort to increase sales, bookings, average daily rate, and maximize revenue.

Service Standards for Resort Housekeeping & Laundry

The Service Companies has a robust quality assurance program and service standards training for each of our employees and supervisors.


Each inspection is time and geo stamped and electronically forwarded to a list of recipients including members of our senior leadership team. Below is a sample of our inspection programs, which are implemented based on the needs of your  resort: 


  • Guest Room and Unit  Inspections: If available, room/unit inspections are completed using HotSOS™. Our inspectors are required to document a minimum percentage of guest rooms each day.  


  • VIP Arrival Inspections: Your most important guests receive the personal attention of the resort’s housekeeping leader. Each room is thoroughly inspected and documented prior to the guest’s arrival. Every VIP inspection follows a very detailed inspection program that is tailored to meet the resort’s VIP standards. 


  • Guest House Attendant Inspections: Corridor and public area inspections are completed daily by the inspectors. 


  • Back of House Inspections: Service landings are inspected daily. Back of house storage closets are inspected based on a pre-defined schedule. Other employee and BOH areas are inspected on regular intervals. 


Ultimately, when you partner with TSC, you are committed to quality and creating a truly exceptional guest experience.

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