SHINE On You – 2016

Team members and guests recognize associates who have greatly enhanced the guest experience. In turn, we have an opportunity to praise our associates and share stories where they have made our customers and employees shine.

We are highlighting Shaqia Bowens, who works at one of our luxury casino properties in Kansas City. She was recently recognized for her wonderful guest relations and professionalism: greeting guests with a smile and a positive attitude, as well as providing assistance to a guest in need. This guest was appreciative that Shaqia willingly went above and beyond for them. Great job, Shaqia, and thank you for your Service. Above All.

We would like to recognize Randy Hall, one of our EVS Attendants. A guest sent this note: ‘I met Randy on a Friday night between 7pm and 8pm. He introduced himself to me and we had a wonderful conversation. He was a breath of fresh air, very respectful and professional. We spoke about self worth, owning your responsibilities and doing the right thing’.

Congratulations to three of our 2nd shift employees – Melvina Powell, Randall Bolden and Jeffery Henry – who received a commendation from a supervisor from the property they work at. The note said “They do an outstanding job and deserve recognition. Guests are quick to comment on the status of our restroom areas and how these three employees greet and assist them with concerns.” Thank you for all you do to make guest experience a positive one!

Kevin Dunn is a great example of what we represent at The Service Companies. He found $7,800 in cash in a room that he cleaned. He immediately called the Director of Housekeeping and Security to claim and return the money.

Alpha Diallo received an incredible commendation from a guest in Mississippi: “He is an awesome ambassador for the casino. He engaged me in conversation, told me to have a good time and was totally charming.” Congratulations, Alpha!

When Helen Siemers was cleaning the High Limits slot section at one of our casino customers, she found a $5000 casino chip underneath the chair. She notified the Slot Supervisor nearby and the Security Manager was amazed by the fact that there was no one around her at the time and she did the right thing without hesitation. Helen is truly an example of Service. Above All.

“Ms. Seletia Mitchel, a Housekeeping Associate in Kansas City recently aced her secret shopper encounter. The secret shopper stated she had an upbeat attitude, was polite and did her job quickly and efficiently. The room was clean and everything was maintained in near perfect condition. Just before midnight, Ms. Mitchel also told the guest she would be up in 5 minutes with her pillows and arrived sooner than 5 minutes later. As a manager of this department it is wonderful to know your employees, particularly Ms. Mitchel, are taking great care of the guests and working efficiently no matter what time, day or night.”