SHINE On You – 2015

Team members and guests recognize associates who have greatly enhanced the guest experience. In turn, we have an opportunity to praise our associates and share stories where they have made our customers and employees shine through our SHINE on You employee recognition program.

We are extremely proud to recognize our associate at one of our luxury casino properties in Las Vegas, Rodolfo Fausto, who returned over $130,000 that he found in the men’s restroom! Rodolfo has been with The Service Companies since 2011 and is a valued, trusted member of the team. Finding money left behind in a casino is a regular occurrence, but finding and returning 130K is extremely rare!

Congratulations to EVS team member, Juliet Refuerzo, who is the first at one of our luxury properties in Las Vegas to receive a100% spotlight recognition from a secret shopper! She is also the first team member from all departments to ever receive a perfect score. We are extremely proud of Juliet and our EVS Team for driving this level of customer service and fulfilling our mission.

We are so happy to share the incredible story of our associate, Yazmine Combs, who encountered a life or death situation and immediately took action. Yazmine witnessed one of our guests in need of immediate medical assistance, and quickly engaged in performing accurate CPR and rescue breathing until the paramedics arrived, having possibly saved the guest’s life. We are so proud to have an amazing associate like Yazmine on our team.

We would like to congratulate Ms. Desiree Maldonado on receiving a Kudos Award from our client in Lake Charles. After receiving a physical description from the security department, Desiree was able to identify and locate a trespasser at the property.

Our client in Las Vegas shared a secret shopper video featuring Elizabeth Goc Ong and Samuel Saldana interacting with a guest. They scored a perfect 100% beating the Food & Beverage Department which held the top score for the previous 6 months. The Director of Operations stated that “the property needs more like Elizabeth and Samuel joining and working for us. We are so proud to have them as part of The Service Companies’ team”.

We would like to recognize Tamara Shaikh our 1st shift dispatch at our luxury casino property in Lake Charles. She was assisting a guest with Lost and Found and received a wonderful note and a gratuity from the guest. The guest was impressed on how Tamara handled the situation. Tamara’s customer service is a great example of personalized attention and “Service. Above All”!

We would like to thank the team at our luxury property in San Juan Puerto Rico for their outstanding efforts and “First Class” service. They received great results on their quality inspection; Food & Beverage, Spa and General Facilities all received 100%. The general manager sent a note of appreciation.

We would like to congratulate our outstanding Housekeeping associate Lupita Ponce at one of our luxury properties in San Antonio on her Gold Key award from the conference VIP that stayed at the property. The doctor was extremely impressed with the level of cleanliness of her suite and the quality of service Lupita provided.

Dana Trayham continuously exhibits a “Service. Above All” attitude. He was recently approached by the casino’s secret shopper and received a perfect score. He was also our employee of the month for night shift and is a vital part of our special projects team. His manager describes him as dedicated, hardworking and dependable.

We are so proud of our Housekeeping Manager Sierra Rowland who was a huge part in providing a truly memorable experience for a special guest at our San Antonio property. Recently they welcomed a young lady as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She was in town to meet entertainer Luke Bryan and received an overwhelming welcome at the property. When arriving to her room, she leaped from her wheelchair and jumped up and down with excitement. Thank you Sierra for preparing all the treats and special touches.

John Moch from Shreveport found a $500 casino chip inside one of the public restrooms. John immediately called his manager and explained what he found and the area where it was located. They were able to get it back to casino security quickly and hopefully back to the customer. We are extremely proud of John for his honesty.

SHINE on You is The Service Companies’ employee recognition program that recognizes and rewards employees for going above and beyond for our customers  and guests.