SHINE On You – 2013

Team members and guests recognize associates who have greatly enhanced the guest experience. In turn, we have an opportunity to praise our associates and share stories where they have made our customers and employees shine.

One of the Laughlin property employees had a medical emergency in the employee dining room. We had 3 The Service Companies employees that assisted the nurse with things needed in order to help the employee. Thank you to Kitty Ann, Larry and Jeff for assisting during this urgent situation.

Thank you to Natasha Wilson at our Columbus property for bringing a sick guest Gatorade, soup and checked on him and his wife during their stay. Also, Donna Long helped a guest with limited mobility by making room adjustments to better assist his needs. These amazing ladies were able to provide some of the comforts of home and turned what could have been an uncomfortable situation into a memorable experience. They treated the customer as they would their own families.

Congratulations to Billy Thomas at our Bossier City property. He received this recognition from the property for his outstanding service. “I would like to say I have been in the casino industry for about 7 years and I have worked with many personalities. Very few come close to the great attitude that Billy displays every day at work”. “It is a great thing to see your fellow employees with the kind of positive thinking he has. It is great having him with us and hope he is recognized for his contributions to the property. He is a great role model for his fellow FSS employees”.

Kudos to the Williamsburg properties on their great quality assurance audit results. During their recent inspections they received accolades for their scores in various categories such as; unit cleanliness and housekeeping overall.

Lavelle Ozane was running the night shift at one of our properties when a fire broke out in a laundry bin. While everyone was running around in a frenzy Lavelle gathered the necessary equipment, pulled together the staff needed to tackle the thousands of gallons of water that was dumped on the hotel floors. He did this with such efficiency and tenacity that we thought he had been doing this his entire life. Thanks to Lavelle for the quick response in what could have been a more serious situation.

Shanise Cade an EVS attendant in Cleveland helped the property identify some suspicious behavior which led to an arrest. After Surveillance watched a couple, they observed the female (of the couple) digging into a coat pocket of another female that was playing at a slot machine. Great example of being aware and taking action during a difficult situation.