SHINE On You – 2012

Team members and guests recognize associates who have greatly enhanced the guest experience. In turn, we have an opportunity to praise our associates and share stories where they have made our customers and employees shine.

During a major guest room renovation at a Tunica property, the team had managed to achieve amazing quality scores. Despite all of the manpower needed and focus on renovation needs, our associates have kept the momentum going throughout the property. The recent quality scores for this property were at the top for the company. Casino Cleanliness #1, Well-Maintained Bathrooms #1, Room Clean at Check-In #1. Way to go Tunica team!

We received great feedback about our employee Aubrey Gilmore at our Lake Charles property. The Risk Manager stated he is one of the most consistently service minded employees he’s met. His attitude is consistently upbeat. “Aubrey could teach us all a lesson on choices… Because he chooses every day to be positive and productive”.

The housekeeping department at our North Myrtle Beach property collected 25 toys for Toys for Tots to help out other families in the area. They also donated some food for the food drive. We are thankful to have such caring and dedicated associates taking additional time out of their day to help others.

How sweet it is! Thank you to our Williamsburg team for making and donating 300 cupcakes for “Cupcakes for A Cure”. They teamed up with the local property managers to raise money for a fundraiser. When they heard the property was needing support they did not hesitate to assist for a great cause.

Have you heard the expression, “Finding a needle in a haystack”? If you ever run into this situation, we have an amazing supervisor Karen Kebschull in Laughlin you want on your team. After guest rings ended up in the trash, she found them after searching through approximately 20 trash bags!

Congratulations to one of our Williamsburg properties that passed a recent property inspection with a 93.46% overall score for housekeeping; Great room results and 94% for common areas! The entire staff did an outstanding job and management is very proud of having such a great team!

Another nearby Williamsburg property had a fantastic inspection as well; They reached an average of 95% for 9 units inspected. One unit actually had a perfect score. They may have even shocked the inspector since he commented that he had not seen a perfect score in 3 1/2 years! Another exciting statistic is the property had the highest company score in the northeast region.

Our Room Attendant Nhi Lai in Las Vegas received a great compliment from a guest’s son. Nhi took special care of a 91 year old mother while she was travelling alone. The woman’s son contacted our team to thank Nhi for treating his mother as her very own.

Barbara Rose our Supervisor in Laughlin received a frantic call from a guest regarding their lost teddy bear. This was a family heirloom which was apparently left in the room. Barbara reached out to the linen team to begin a search for the bear. She saved the day and returned the bear to a very relieved and happy family.

Synetha Carter our 3rd shift manager in Lake Charles not only put out 1 fire but 2 in the same week. None of us want or expect to encounter these situations though when we do, it is crucial to be prepared to handle emergencies without hesitation. She is truly a hero!

While cleaning a room, Carolyn Malane our Room Attendant in Tunica came across a wallet left in a drawer. She immediately turned it into the management. Little did she know the wallet had over $5,000 in cash. We are very proud of Carolyn’s honesty and sense of urgency handling guest valuables.

Beverly Peterson in Reno handled a guest request with utmost urgency. They left behind their passports and realized this just before reaching the Canadian border. Beverly retrieved the passports, and gave the guest their passport numbers so they could cross the border. Beverly then expedited the delivery of the passports to the guests staying in Canada.

Jerri Fernandez in Lake Tahoe handled a call from an elderly woman that forgot medication in her room. Jerri located the medication and made sure it was properly refrigerated for the night. The next day Jerri arrived to work with 2 gel cold packs and a cooler and prepared the medication to mail out. The medication was delivered safe and sound to the guest.

Thank you to Delbert Smith and his team in Laughlin who once again exceeded the customer’s expectations. A guest at our Laughlin property turned in a dog they found in the parking garage. The guest explained that they had to leave but wanted to make sure the dog was taken care of and didn’t get hurt. They turned the dog over to Larry Henderson with The Service Companies. Larry tried to call the SPCA but since it was Sunday they were closed. Olga Lopez, The Service Companies associate got in contact with security for assistance. After numerous calls they were able to locate the dog’s owner through the dog tag identification. They were a previous guest at the property. Kittyann Williams with The Service Companies had volunteered to take the dog home and care for it until the guests could get back to Laughlin. The guests drove 8-10 hours back to Laughlin to claim their dog and they were so delighted that our employees had taken the extra time and such great care of their dog.

We have a superstar Isaac Young who was presented a letter of recognition for an exceptional Mystery Shop at his property! Anyone familiar with “secret shoppers” knows the outcome usually illustrates the true performance of the staff. We appreciate Isaac’s great work and congratulations on your accomplishment.

In many work environments there is a clear separation of the Operations and Human Resources Departments. We are very proud of the The Service Companies teams that provide seamless efforts which sets us apart from the rest. It is very common for many of our Operations Managers to work along side the HR teams and vice versa. We are truly 1 TEAM. Our HR staff have been busy on boarding thousands of The Service Companies associates across the country, setting us all up for success.

Dosha Akins received an amazing compliment. One of the property managers was pleased that Dosha never has to be reminded that something needs to be done. In fact she checks with them throughout the shift to make sure everything has been completed. Dosha understands that staying proactive with customer needs is our ultimate goal.

Abegail Ramirez in Reno made a guest’s day when she located her pearls left behind in a room. As we all know when cleaning rooms, small articles can easily get mixed in trash and linen. Her sense of urgency getting back to that room made a difference in the outcome.

A special thank you to Tyrone Collins for his superior work in Lake Charles. A casino pit manager wrote a nice letter recognizing his hard work and dedication. He also mentioned how much Tyrone is appreciated.