Our SHINE On You employee recognition program recognizes associates who have greatly enhanced the guest experience and have made our customers shine. In 2019, we received over 500 submissions from peers and property guests. Below we share some of the stories that were submitted.

“It is one of our most important jobs to provide excellent customer service to our guests. When the guest gives special commendation on our service, it always deserves recognition. Edwin Rivera Ostolaza, a housekeeping Inspector at one of our properties in Lake Charles, found and turned in a ring to our lost and found department.

The guest sent a letter and wrote the following:


Thank you for finding my ring and turning it in to security. I am impressed with your integrity. The ring is very special to me and I want to thank you for your honesty. You should know that what you do each day matters.”

Thank you, Edwin and keep up the great work!”

“Maria Mendoza and Francisco Trujillo took it upon themselves to clean and organize the lost and found storage area. It is now completely reorganized, neat and accessible. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to make this task happen with great success.

All items that were not claimed were donated to a homeless shelter in Lake Tahoe. Donated items included clothes, books, socks, hats and toiletries. Antonio Garcia also helped with this project by delivering all items to the homeless shelter in his personal vehicle.

Thank you all for taking on this much-needed task and for helping those in need!”

“Associates from one of our properties in Louisiana came together to collect items for an orphanage in the area. The team ended up delivering six boxes of donations for the cause! Thank you for your hard work and for giving back to your community!”

“Jose Perales, a team member from one of our casino resort properties in Colorado, saw a guest dropping his money while wandering the halls. Jose stopped what he was doing to help the guest, who had a medical condition, pick up the money, and walked the guest back to his room, where the guest’s wife was waiting anxiously. Thank you for all you do, Jose!”

“One of the top managers from a casino hotel property in Shreveport gave us a compliment about one of our associates, George Speed. The manager said that George is doing a “wonderful job” and continues to work hard and have a positive attitude, even during the busiest of times. Thank you for making our team SHINE, George!”

“Destiny, an associate from one of our casino hotel properties in Nevada, followed the correct lost and found procedure and called security after finding a guest’s wallet. A month later, Destiny received a letter from the guest thanking her for turning in the wallet, along with a $50 check. Thank you, Destiny, for doing the right thing and turning a guest’s unfortunate experience into a positive and memorable one! Keep doing what you do.”

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