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Who we Are

The Service Companies is the premier service provider to the hospitality, gaming, healthcare, education, and corporate catering industries. We deliver best-in-class cleaning, staffing, and managed labor services using exclusively legal, compliant labor.

At The Service Companies, we go beyond simply providing supplemental services to our clients. Our aim is to become a true partner in all aspects of their business by becoming an extension of our client’s teams and brands. We accomplish this by learning client cultures, service standards, quality specifications, and internal processes right from the beginning.

While we have a strong foundation based on our best-in-class core competencies, what truly sets us apart is our experience-centric approach. We prioritize the experiences of our clients, their customers, and our employees in everything we do. These experiences guide our actions and decision-making, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations and creates value for our clients, team, community, and ourselves. By placing experience at the center of our service delivery, we ensure that every interaction is positive and memorable.

our clients are our priorities



Our Values

Authentic Partnership
We create authentic partnerships with and invest in the success of our clients and employees and believe that with transparency, trust, and collaboration, we all win.

Passion for Service
Service extends beyond our company name as we are relentlessly focused on making the experience of each client, guest, and teammate exceptional.

Operational Excellence
We promote a culture of operational excellence with our commitment to continuous training and safety.

We believe in doing the right thing, always, regardless of the situation.



Our Guiding Principles

Do Things Right
Today, Not Tomorrow – We value urgency and an action-oriented approach, tackling all tasks and problems today, not tomorrow.

Training is Continuous – Committed to continual training, no matter how long an employee has worked with us, we provide our employees the tools to succeed, grow their careers, and make our clients shine.

Safety, Safety, Safety – Making a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our clients, and their guests a priority, our safety program ensures frequent safety visits and regular safety checking.

Do The Right Thing
Do the Right Thing, Always – We firmly believe in doing the right thing and acting with integrity at every level — from a guest Room Attendant to our corporate leaders.

Take Care of All Teammates – Our employees are the lifeblood of our organization and we believe in taking care of every employee.

Own it All – We take accountability for, and ownership of, our actions, promptly addressing issues.

Facts Matter – We are a data-driven organization and we use data to drive our decision making.

Make It About Them
Our Client is the Hero – We exist to serve our clients and are continuously focused on helping them achieve their goals, working behind the scenes, delivering a high quality of work, anticipating problems before they occur, and resolving issues.

We Create Value and Win – We focus our efforts on matters that bring value to our clients and team.

Have Fun – We like to have fun while we are working hard, hosting employee appreciation events, holiday potlucks, and contests to make time at work enjoyable for everyone.

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