Hotel Kitchen Stewarding

Hotel stewarding plays a critical role in supporting the success of kitchen, food and beverage operations. With over 35 years of experience in hotel kitchen and restaurant management, our team has the skills and knowledge to handle kitchens of all sizes and complexities. When you partner with TSC, you are guaranteed reliable and efficient stewarding services.

How TSC Approaches Hotel Kitchen Stewarding

Our goal is to enhance guest satisfaction while enabling your kitchen to efficiently serve more guests. We lead and manage our stewarding operations based on the best-in-class standards of luxury hotel resorts. 

With our planned operating model, we take complete ownership of the daily opening and closing of your kitchen, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and sanitation. Our stewarding team is responsible for maintaining the kitchen’s equipment, floors, and cookware while optimizing the workspace for maximum efficiency.

Service Standards for Hotel Stewarding

The Service Companies has a robust safety and service standards training program for each of our employees and supervisors and are known by every member of our staff.

Additional inspections are added based on the needs of the department or property. In addition to the inspection process, our leadership team will work with your team to define relevant key performance indicators and available data sources. The data points are compiled and analyzed to determine trends and areas of improvement.  

Each week our management will provide you with a Service Performance Report that details the week’s overall performance of our key performance indicators. The KPI’s are compared against established benchmarks to determine the level of success.

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