Hotel Food & Beverage Cleaning

For successful hotel operations, it is vital to maintain impeccable cleanliness within your hotel’s restaurants and kitchens. At TSC, we clean over 70 kitchens and restaurants daily. Our planned operating model results in us having complete accountability for your hotel’s restaurant, bar and kitchen cleaning operations. This will include daily cleaning and sanitization.

With our cleaning program, you can expect that your entire food & beverage cleaning operation is led and managed according to best-in-class standards.

How TSC Approaches Your Hotel Food & Beverage Cleaning

We understand that each hotel and food & beverage outlet is unique. When performing a walkthrough, we are careful to note specific needs or areas that require special attention so that Health department codes are met and exceeded.

For hotels, we approach new clients with the following considerations: 

  • Restaurant and kitchen hours of operations 
  • Equipment quantity and type
  • Flooring types and conditions
  • Individual property goals and milestones

We understand that the success of your hotel’s food & beverage outlets hinges on guest satisfaction and cleanliness. Partnering with TSC ensures that your food & beverage outlets remain pristine, exceeding Health Department standards for cleanliness and sanitation.

Service Standards for Hotel Food & Beverage Cleaning

The Service Companies has a robust quality assurance program and service standards training program for each of our employees. Our quality assurance program includes the following inspections:

  • Restaurant & Bar Inspections: Inspections are conducted on a daily basis and cover a wide range of areas, including food handling and storage areas in scope of work and equipment cleanliness.
  • Kitchen Inspections: Inspections are carried out on a daily basis to ensure that all equipment, utensils, and work surfaces are clean and in good working condition. 

Partnering with TSC guarantees the highest level of service quality, creating an exceptional experience for your guests.

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