Disinfection Protocols: You May Be Doing It All Wrong… And Not Even Know It

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced property / facility owners and managers to rethink the cleanliness of their facilities and the protocols they implement to keep their guests, visitors, and employees safe. Over the last six months we have seen facilities of all types – commercial facilities, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces – across the country adopt varying cleaning and disinfection procedures, many of which are ineffective at killing viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

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Holly Borrego, Senior Vice President, Operations, hosts the webinar Disinfection Protocols: You May Be Doing It All Wrong…And Not Event Know It, where she discusses:

  • Why your cleaning procedures are not as effective as you think
  • How proper disinfection protocols can contribute to your bottom line
  • Crucial steps to disinfecting a surface properly
  • How to use chemicals correctly to kill viruses, pathogens, and bacteria, including coronavirus

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Holly Borrego, Vice President of Operations, Western RegionHolly Borrego, Senior Vice President, Operations at The Service Companies, specializes in creating standard and continuous improvement processes and procedures. A 30+ year industry leader, Holly is a Certified Microbial Specialist, Registered Building Service Manager, and a GBAC-Trained Technicians, and holds the following certifications: Essentials of FL Program (IFMA), Leading a Distinctive Culture of Service (Disney Institute), CIMS (ISSA & IICRC), Applied Structural Drying (IICRC), Carpet Cleaning (IICRC).


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