Cleaning, Staffing, and Engineering Case Studies

Casino Case Study: EVS, Housekeeping, and Stewarding operations

Casino in Tunica, Mississippi

Our expertise and superior quality of service generate positive shifts in service scores with cost savings.

Situation OverviewChallengesOpening ProcessResults and Current State

Situation Overview

Our customer is a 65,000 square foot casino with a 505 room hotel located in Tunica, MS. The Property is owned and operated by a large gaming corporation.

A Property leader had previously worked with our team at other casino properties with positive results, and in 2010, the Property reached out to us to provide managed EVS, Housekeeping, and Stewarding operations


The Property was struggling with staffing shortages and poor quality of cleanliness. At the time, the Property was ranked at the bottom of the gaming corporation’s properties for Casino and Guest Room Cleanliness. The Property leadership desired to achieve a higher level of expertise and cleanliness while saving money.

Opening Process

In November of that year, our team took over the Housekeeping, EVS and Stewarding departments utilizing a task force of 14 trainers with significant experience in each area. 155 Property employees transitioned to The Service Companies, leaving 20 open positions to be filled.

We inventoried and assumed equipment and uniforms, and deep cleaned the casino and other public areas to bring them up to standards. The deep cleaning process also served as training for the transitioned and new employees.

Housekeeping productivity standards were established and training was implemented to ensure productivity and quality standards would be maintained.


Guest service scores improved immediately and at the end of Q1 of the following year, Room Clean at Check-In and Overall Casino Cleanliness scores increased by 9.48% and 7.4% respectively Quarter Over Quarter. At the end of 2011 the property ranked in the top 10 of the gaming corporation’s properties for Casino and Guest Room Cleanliness.

Today, we continue to manage all three departments with a total employee base of 175. Guest Service scores and company ranking remain in the top tier of the gaming corporation’s properties, while saving the Property money through improved productivity and lower overall benefit costs driven by The Service Companies.

San Francisco Startups: Kitchen Staffing Case Study

Strategic Talent Acquisition Management Program (STAMP) in San Francisco, California

Our Hospitality Services team creates a customizable staffing solution for companies with self-run kitchens.

Situation OverviewChallengesSolutionResults

Situation Overview
Many technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area adopted the strategy of offering benefits like three meals per day, unlimited snacks and open bars to attract computer engineers. The next step was recruiting high-end chefs to grow their kitchens from the ground up.

These companies’ chefs lacked the time and resources to manage the day-to-day Human Resources aspects of their kitchens. In addition, due to the potential to IPO, it was important to keep all food & beverage associates off of the startups’ payroll.

The Service Companies was selected by these startups due to our existing presence in supplemental food service staffing and our understanding of a kitchen’s daily demands. We created a customized plan (including PTO, medical benefits, vacation and sick time, time clock tracking, payroll options, customized recruitment, onsite supervisors, tailored orientation and more) to meet each chef’s needs while allowing them to retain total control of their kitchen.

Our STAMP program allowed self-run kitchens to expand beyond measure. Chefs grew their kitchens how they liked, at the speed they needed, and with the team they preferred. As a result, The Service Companies has become the leading partner for self-run kitchen operations in the country. STAMP clients now range from 12 associates a day to over 100 associates with zero co-employment issues.

HVAC Coil Cleaning

HVAC Coil Cleaning

Our enzyme treatment process for HVAC systems restores coils to near new, extending equipment life. Designed to keep systems operating at their “peak efficiency,” our solution requires no equipment downtime for process implementation, and the process results in an immediate performance improvement.

Situation OverviewChallengesResults and Current State

Situation Overview

A real estate fund purchased a 45-year old retirement home in Austin, Texas and struggled to keep the residents cool and comfortable during the summer.


This obstacle prompted the owner to explore replacing the facility’s entire HVAC system at a capital cost of $1.5 million. Our HVAC coil cleaning treatment was introduced as an alternative solution.

Results and Current State

We executed a full clean and enzyme treatment of the facility’s entire HVAC system. The enzyme treatment process fully restored the facility’s HVAC system to its original design specifications. The cost of treatment for the entire facility was $50,000. The client saved an estimated $1,450,000, with an additional estimated energy (kWh) savings of $20,000 annually.

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