Casinos: Maximizing Senior Management’s Efficiency

Any top casino has a dedicated team of executives who manage the ins and outs of its operation.

At The Service Companies (TSC), we have helped casinos achieve their business goals for 20+ years. We service 19 AAA Five Diamond & 12 Forbes Five Star Properties in the US, and clean 4.5 million square feet of property daily.

In this guide, we will detail how outsourcing specific casino roles will provide freedom to your senior management team to maximize efficiency, and innovate further.


Is TSC even big enough to support our large casino operation?

Before working with a new casino client, we are often asked, “Can you pull this off?”

In short, yes. TSC is a large, well-capitalized strategic partner with the resources to fully support you and your casino.

A casino resort in rural North Carolina was preparing to open a new VIP tower with 750 guest rooms. With only 4,000 full-time residents in the surrounding area, the only way to successfully recruit compliant and legal housekeeping associates was to supplement local hires with associates from outside the market.

TSC developed a multi-pronged recruiting strategy that included a relocation program from various markets and a housing and transportation program.

  • Targeted interested employees in Puerto Rico, Connecticut, Louisiana and Florida for relocation opportunities and hired H2B visa holders
  • Signed leases for two motels and 60 furnished apartments within a few minutes of the casino for relocated employeese
  • Built out a fleet of vehicles to transport relocated employees around the area
  • Developed training, quality management, and quality assurance programs to ensure a consistent and high level of cleanliness

The result?

We successfully hired and trained 140 housekeeping associates for the VIP tower’s grand opening. Over 75% of the associates are from outside the casino’s market and we still operate the tower today, delivering exceptional guest service scores.

How TSC supports the SVP of Operations / General Manager

One of the most impactful benefits of outsourcing with TSC comes from the renewed ability to focus on other key areas of the casino. Mostly, this freedom to focus elsewhere benefits the other members of your senior management team. Even so, TSC supports you to focus on these important areas:

  • Improving Efficiency in Operations
  • Exploring New Technologies and Innovation
  • Increasing Revenue Generation

How TSC supports the CFO

The head of finance has one of the most important roles, managing costs and improving profitability.

When we step in to assist other members of your senior management team, your CFO can focus on:

  • Optimizing Cash Flow
  • Improving Casino Systems and Processes
  • Treasury Management

How TSC supports Human Resources

Human Resources is a department that benefits highly from our outsourced services. When we step in, we remove the tedious work of:

  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Benefits Packages
  • Payroll
  • Employee Retention

Additionally, we take a careful, systematic approach to transitioning your employees to our team. We take the time to sit down with your staff and answer any questions and/or concerns they may have.

How TSC supports the Executive Chef

One of the main benefits for the Executive Chef is the lightened load of managing his/her operations. With TSC, he/she does not have to work overtime to clean floors, appliances, dishes, or anything else in their kitchen. They have the freedom to focus on food prep and the presentation of meals going out to the patrons.

With TSC, your Executive Chef will never be without a full staff, allowing him or her to focus on the creative expression of their craft.

How TSC supports the VP of Food and Beverage

Finally, when we step in to support the VP of Food and Beverage, this frees up time for them to focus on strategic developments and the direction of the casino’s food and beverage operations.





At The Service Companies, we have all of the resources to fully support your casino and gaming operations, and we are well-capitalized to be your strategic partner.

We can do everything from floating your multi-million dollar payroll to recruiting out-of-market employees for your housekeeping and stewarding services, and much more.

Let’s have a conversation.

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