Casino Stewarding & Staffing

When running a busy, bustling kitchen, it is essential your chefs and food & beverage leaders have a reliable stewarding team working side-by-side to support your kitchen personnel and keep it clean and orderly. 

Our expert stewarding services department will make sure that your staff has the equipment that they need, when they need it, without getting in the way and keeping your costs in check. The Service Companies’ team has 20+ years of casino kitchen and restaurant management experience, cleaning 75 restaurant kitchens (big and small) each day. We run the gamut with size and complexity.

Our planned operating model results in us having complete accountability for your casino’s stewarding operations. This will include recruiting, daily cleaning and sanitization of equipment, floor, and cookware, kitchen organization, and more.

Alternatively, if you want to supplement your stewarding team, we offer stewarding staffing services.

You can expect that your entire stewarding operation is led and managed according to best-in-class casino standards.

How TSC Approaches A Managed Casino Kitchen Stewarding Department

We understand that each kitchen is unique. When performing a walkthrough, we are careful to note specific needs or areas that require special attention so that Health department codes are met and exceeded and that your kitchen staff get the support they need.

For casinos, we approach new clients with the following considerations: 

  • Restaurant and kitchen schedules
  • Quantity and type of equipment
  • Specific property goals

Service Standards for A Managed Casino Kitchen Stewarding Department

The Service Companies has a robust safety and service standards training program for each of our employees and supervisors and are known by every member of our staff.

  • Kitchen Inspections: Kitchen inspections are completed daily.

Additional inspections are added based on the needs of the department or property. In addition to the inspection process, our leadership team will work with your team to define and report on relevant key performance indicators.

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