Casino Carpet & Floor Cleaning

At The Service Companies, we know how important it is to maintain your casino’s floor and carpets. The cleanliness and upkeep, or lack thereof, can positively or negatively affect guest satisfaction scores and your guests’ experience. Having served casinos for over 20 years, we have developed a comprehensive floor and carpet cleaning process that guarantees cleaner results.

How TSC plans your Carpet & Floor cleaning

We are meticulous about the quality and efficiency of your casino carpet and floor cleaning. We begin with a walkthrough of your property to assess the various carpet and floor types, and we are careful to note the various materials we need for your specific carpet or flooring, whether it be nylon, polyester, wool, marble, ceramic, concrete, terrazzo, or another flooring type. For each surface, we then determine the equipment and chemical needs, cleaning processes, and a floor schedule that ensures minimal disruption to your guests and their gameplay and pristine carpet and flooring.

Service Standards for Casino Carpet & Flooring

The Service Companies has a robust quality assurance program and service standards training program for each of our employees.

As a seamless gaming partner, we implement a quality assurance program that ensures our services exceed your brand standards. Our quality assurance program includes regular inspections of your carpet and floors.

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