A football stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area was preparing for the upcoming season and needed to hire 100 part-time food & beverage employees. Instead of spending valuable time sourcing and hiring the part-time staff themselves, the stadium’s leadership team sought a partner that would handle the recruitment and hiring process from start to finish. The Service Companies was selected to provide food & beverage staffing services due to its experience in sourcing, hiring, and onboarding large numbers of compliant staff at short notice as well as assuming employees’ liability and risk.

Fans at the big football stadium

Primary Objectives

  • Source, hire, and onboard 100 concessionaires, cashiers, barbacks, bartenders, cooks, and dishwashers with up to 5 days notice
  • Run background checks and E-Verify each employee, even when not mandated by law
  • Assume the risk and liability for this employee contingent

Stadium Staffing Solution

Our stadium staffing strategy leveraged the company’s best-in-class food & beverage staffing recruiting team and its robust database of 64,000+ vetted food & beverage employees. We sourced new staff using online job sites, hiring events, employee referrals, and networking. We interviewed candidates and conducted background checks and E-Verify, ensuring each employee we provided was compliant. Additionally, we trained, onboarded, and conducted orientation for each employee.

To further support our client, we hired a Stadium Operations Manager, whose sole responsibility was to provide extra oversight and help with football game day logistics.


The Service Companies is the premier staffing service provider to the sports and entertainment, hospitality, gaming, education, and commercial industries. Utilizing exclusively legal, compliant labor, we also deliver best-in-class cleaning and managed labor services. We have the resources to fully support stadiums and arenas and their staffing needs, no matter how quickly or how large.

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