At The Service Companies, our employees are our greatest asset. We believe that providing our people with ample resources and opportunities for growth leads to a positive and successful work environment. 

Interested in joining our team? Here are the top 10 reasons why that is a great idea.

# 1 Benefits

We take care of our people. Every day our employees work to provide our clients and their guests a high level of service. To show our appreciation for their dedication and hard work, we provide a complete benefits program to each employee. 

All benefits are based on eligibility rules for each benefit and the rules of each benefit program.

# 2 Discount Programs

Get exclusive discounts when you join The Service Companies team. Our partnerships provide our employees discounts on Skechers shoes, amusement parks, hotels, entertainment, gifts and much more.

Header image: Discount programs

# 3 Dayforce Wallet

Employees at The Service Companies can request their pay before payday at no extra cost, thanks to our partnership with Dayforce Wallet.

Dayforce Wallet - do you work, and receive your pay when you need it
  • Request a payout of your earnings before payday at no cost. You’ll be able to request access to your earned pay in real-time—as you earn it and as you need it
  • Funds can be requested on-demand through the Dayforce Wallet app and deposited directly to the Dayforce Card so it’s easy to make purchases in-store, online or pay expenses
  • Take control of your finances by viewing recent requests and spending transactions
  • Count on the reliable and secure protection of Mastercard. The Dayforce Card can be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay
  • Get all the benefits of the payroll cards or direct deposit 

# 4 Referral Bonuses

Support your team, support your friends, and earn money 

$250 bonus for every hire

The Service Companies family is growing, and when you work with us you’ll have access to unlimited referral bonuses. Refer a friend, and receive up to a $250 bonus for every hire!* 

Referral bonus is based on eligibility rules and may vary by location and business line.

# 5 Career

Grow with us! A team photo

Start your career with The Service Companies. With locations nationwide and our commitment to internal advancement, our people have the opportunity to advance their careers and grow their knowledge, skills, and abilities.  

# 6 Work in Beautiful Places 

Landscape photos of Cherokee, New York, Charleston, Key West, Hawaii and Lake Tahoe, NV

Why wouldn’t you work here? 

The Service Companies operates nationwide, in some of the most beautiful locations and properties across the country. 

# 7 Employee Recognition

From appreciation events to certificates, we believe in recognizing our team members who have greatly enhanced the guest experience and have made our customers shine.

# 8 Company Culture

Join The Service Companies' family! 
Employee recognition

Employee recognition, integrity, impact, and family are the foundation of our culture.

The Service Companies is a family, and we want our team to have fun, support and recognize each other, and advance through our company.

# 9 EAPEssential

24/7 Support and resources for life's challenges

When you join The Service Companies’ team, you will have access to a no-cost Employee Assistance Program to support you through whatever challenges life brings you. EAPEssential offers confidential support and consulting, 24/7.

# 10 Tuition Reimbursement

We invest in our people! Picture of a housekeeper.

We want to invest in YOU! 

The Service Companies invests in the professional development of our team members through financial assistance to cover education expenses. We will reimburse up to $500 per class with a maximum $1,000 per year in pre-approved education expenses that will help to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities, and increase your potential of being promoted and growing within The Service Companies.


The Service Companies is a family. We support our people because we believe that working with us is more than just a job – it is a career. We are looking for new team members to uphold our mission of making our customers SHINE as guided by our core values of passion and integrity, sustainable value through innovation, and quality. 

To find out more about joining the TSC family, contact our recruiting teams at (844) 441-7704 (for cleaning and housekeeping positions) or (844) 436-3091 (for food & beverage staffing positions). Or apply through our website at