The Future of Janitorial Services for the Gaming, Hospitality and Facility Services Industries

According to a survey conducted by the IFMA, “poor janitorial service” and a “lack of cleanliness” were among the top three complaints facing facility operations today. These complaints destroy a property’s reputation when shared online and reflect poorly on guest service scores. To combat this issue, management has resorted to pulling staff from other departments to fulfill the janitorial needs of the property. This process is only a short-term fix, as the redistribution of staff creates a lack of productivity in other departments.

Our team of experts have been dedicated to finding the most technologically advanced solution that not only solves cleaning issues, but also improves the guest experience. That is why The Service Companies partners with a best-in-class technology provider to offer smart facility solutions to the gaming, hospitality and facility services industries.

What is our smart facility solution?

Through our partnership with a smart technology provider, we are able to offer a facility solution that uses AI to automate the janitorial process. By installing sensors in strategic areas of the restroom and other public areas, management is able to monitor the needs and cleanliness level of the space, without pulling employees from other departments or hiring additional labor.

How does it work?

By installing smart sensors in or around garbage cans, soap dispensers, faucets and more, management is notified when restrooms and public areas need attention. From a dispenser in need of more paper towels to an overflowing toilet that needs immediate attention, smart sensors send real-time notifications to any smart device for a quick resolution.

In addition, we are able to track usage patterns and traffic flow to project the restroom’s busiest times during the day. This allows management to staff for the need and create an accurate cleaning schedule. Because supplies are replenished when needed, it also saves costs by reducing waste.

What are its benefits?

Implementing our smart facility solutions on property will allow you to experience the following long-term savings:

Time – Instead of checking on each restroom multiple times per day, you get the what, when and where for each janitorial issue that may arise. This allows employees to spend their time attending to other problem areas on property.

Resources – Smart sensors monitor each trash container, toilet paper, soap and paper towel dispenser, and faucet to ensure water and hygiene products are only replenished when needed.

Money – The more resources you save, the more money you save! In addition, the smart sensors eliminate the need to pay associates overtime for spending unnecessary hours patrolling the restrooms areas, along with eliminating the need to hire additional labor to attend to the restrooms.

Status – Negative guest service scores and bad online reviews can be a thing of the past. Notifications from the smart sensors will allow your team to tend to any janitorial issues right after they occur, leaving your facility in prime condition throughout the day.

To learn more about our smart facility solution and the positive effects it can have on your property, contact us today!


  1. It makes sense that a dirty environment hurts your facilities. No one wants to stay in a place that makes you uncomfortable. How has your smart facility solution helped you so far?

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