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Team Member Spotlight: Mildred Botley

Mildred Botley

Mildred Botley

At The Service Companies, we embody a culture of internal advancement. If an associate works hard, embodies our service code, and shows pride in their work and a desire to learn more, he or she has fantastic opportunities for growth within our company. We have a number of long-standing associates who joined our team at the lead level and are now Supervisors, Executive Housekeepers and Regional Vice Presidents. One of these people is Mildred Botley, who has been with the company since 2011 and has been promoted three times during this time. See her story below.

“I joined The Service Companies’ team in September 2011 as a driver. Determined to be the best driver, I drove associates locally as well as long distances, which I enjoyed. I had the opportunity to meet a large variety of people, each of whom told me about their culture and roots. Learning more about where each of the associates came from was so much fun.

In March 2012, I began helping out in the local Human Resources office when the Office Coordinator was off. Shortly thereafter, I was asked to join the Human Resources team full-time as an Office Coordinator. In this new role, I had to learn about the administrative duties and HR procedures. My favorite experience in this role was organizing the annual family and friends day for the property associates. Along with the corporate team, we had arranged fun events with food, dancing, games and prizes. Watching the team eating, dancing and interacting with each other gave me pride in what we accomplished.

In July 2014, I was promoted to Human Resources Associate, where I was given more responsibility as I grew within the company. I had the opportunity to coordinate employment with our J1 and H2B team members. I loved taking them on cultural trips while they were visiting the US. This was an adventure and I enjoyed helping them understand our culture.

In 2016, I was again promoted to Talent Acquisition Specialist, which involves in-office and field work. Being out in the field gives me an opportunity to meet future employees and explain what working for The Service Companies can do for their career, like it has done for mine.”

The Service Companies gives its 10,000 associates the opportunity to become an expert in their craft, learn new skills and advance through various departments in the company, as Mildred has. To learn more about careers, culture and employment benefits at The Service Companies, click here.

The Service Companies is the unrivaled nationwide provider of cleaning, staffing and managed services to the hospitality industry, particularly luxury hotels, casinos and vacation ownership resorts. With nearly 30 years of experience, The Service Companies approaches their work with dedication, professionalism and a keen attention to detail that leads to best-in-class results.


  1. Your story is inspiring, Mildred. Thank you for all you do for The Service Companies.

  2. Mildred it has been a pleasure working with you, thank you for everything you do.

  3. Carvetta Myles

    March 3, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Ms Mildred you’re doing an amazing job, it has been a pleasure working with you. May God blessed you in all you do.. ☺☺

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