Corporate Responsibility

At The Service Companies, we believe in the importance of recognizing the positive impact we can affect in our local communities, nationally and globally through corporate responsibility initiatives. We encourage stewardship among our team. It is our duty to engage with organizations in the areas we serve, provide support to those in need, and reduce environmental impact to create a sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe that every task we undertake touches our environmental platform. Our team takes the extra steps needed to minimize our environmental impact by educating our associates on waste and water usage reduction best practices and by utilizing sustainable and environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals, where possible. Through our partnership with Royal Paper, we offer our clients sustainable paper products to support their ESG and sustainability goals.

Energy Conservation Water Conservation & Eco-Friendly ChemicalsLandfill & Recycling Efforts Reducing CO2 EmissionsSupporting Our Clients' ESG Efforts

We work closely with our equipment manufacturers to specify energy efficient, low decibel equipment that must meet goals for improving the impact to indoor air quality, water consumption, energy consumption and lower chemical usage. Through this process, we limit the use of fuel-powered equipment and use battery-operated equipment where feasible to achieve the best results at the lowest possible cost to minimize labor.

With help from our partners, we have been able to implement innovative technology to reduce water usage without compromising results. We leverage in-service training to train our teams on water conservation, while our standard operating procedures detail how and when water should be used. In addition, we use both USDA Bio-Based and Green Seal® Certified cleaners when possible to reduce our impact on the environment.

We support recycling efforts through resource recovery and ensuring proper separation of recyclables from landfill trash, while working closely with clients to promote their specific waste reduction goals. For instance, working with one of our large casino customers gives our housekeeping associates the opportunity to collect and recycle partially used soaps and room amenities to support one of our non-profit partners, Clean The World.

The Service Companies is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by educating our team members about the impact carbon gases have on the environment. We reduce emissions related to our business by limiting our number of product orders per month and requiring our chemical and equipment supply companies to use local distributors.

We work with our clients to implement sustainability efforts by participating in a variety of green programs already in place at the property or facility, like like Marriott’s “Make A Green Choice” (MAGC) program. We also offer private-label, sustainable paper products, including alternative fiber paper options like bamboo, all sourced through our partner, Royal Paper. Royal Paper is Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Green Seal® Certified and FSC® Certified.

Service in Local Communities

Having properties located across the country allows our team to give back to hundreds of local communities each year. From fundraising for a nearby children’s hospital and collecting items for a local orphanage, to preparing meals and crafting with those in foster care, giving back is just another way our team implements our standard of quality service.

Partnership with Clean The World

We recognize the importance effective hygiene has in reducing illness. We partner with Clean the World, a non-profit organization providing recycled soaps and hygiene education to communities around the world, to spread our ideals on effective cleanliness beyond our properties and departments.

In conjunction with one of our large gaming customers, our housekeeping departments collect partially used soaps and room amenities to be sanitized and recycled for underserved communities. We also send our associates on service trips with Clean the World across the globe. Over the past nine years, our associates have visited locations such as Las Vegas, Zambia, Indiana, the Philippines and Mexico, to distribute hygiene kits and educate at need communities on effective hygiene. 

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