EVS Services

EVS/Gaming Area Cleaning

Where the action never stops, neither do we. The Service Companies have been providing EVS services to the gaming industry for nearly 15 years. We understand the importance of keeping gaming areas spotless without getting in the way of your customers while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. We work closely with your casino management team to ensure that all areas under EVS supervision are cleaned with minimum disruption and quality remains high, day and night.

At The Service Companies, we pursue excellence when it comes to providing our customers EVS and public area cleaning services. We will leave your public areas gleaming with 24 hour cleaning of the lobby, restaurants, casino, conference space, restaurants, gym, pool area, spa, bars and nightclubs.

We are in the business of making our customers shine and improving the quality of our customers’ guests’ experience. We ensure this with our staffing, training and quality assurance programs, proprietary technology to set operating standards, stringent systems and processes as well as our unmatched experience in the industry.